Brunch In: Brunch & Cake – The most photogenic brunch in Barcelona

Brunch In: Brunch & Cake – The most photogenic brunch in Barcelona

It’s been a while since I don’t write about brunching and as I mentioned in my first brunch entry: Brunch in: Can Dênde, having brunch is one of the things I enjoy the most when eating out.

Today I want to tell you about one of my favourite places in Barcelona and what I believe is, the most photogenic brunch. Brunch & Cake is a brunchery/bakery/cafeteria that has become quite popular among locals and tourists. It not only combines tasteful & colourful dishes, but everything is presented with such detail and care, that it’s really hard not to get your phone out and take a photo before having the first bite.

Brunch & Cake Restaurant Barcelona Spain
Brunch & Cake – Roselló

It counts with 6 spots in Barcelona, all of them somehow central. This time I visited the one on Roselló street, that used to be called Travel & Cake, but now it’s just Brunch & Cake too. All of the restaurants share the same fresh and young look, making their spaces very cozy with some couches to make people feel like if they were in their own living rooms. The service at the Roselló was amazing, very international and young team that served us really well.

Their offer goes from light breakfasts with fruit and granola, to massive burgers that will leave you full for the rest of the day. They have also become well known for their delicious cakes and cookies, so it’s a perfect place for any time of day: breakfast, lunch, grabbing a coffee and a snack or dinner. All dishes are really creative and different from other brunch places. They change their menu every three months, keeping some of their star dishes like the Chicken Super Sandwich and always innovating in a very unexpected, but delicious way.



Drink: Black Protein Latte

Starter: Carrot Cake Porridge

Main: Eggs Benedict with shrimp (This was way beyond good – traditional Benedict poached eggs served over a long black coloured bun, filled with rice – paella style – served with spinach and topped with an amazing hollandaise sauce.

Desert: Healthy pancakes made with oatmeal, topped with fruit, ricotta and agave syrup. Heaven.

Oh and you must also try the eggs Benedict with turkey served on top of a waffle… yuuuummmy!


If you want to know more…

Address: Carrer del Rosselló, 189, 08036 Barcelona

Phone: 932 37 87 65

Price: 15€ – 20€ per person

Schedule: Everyday from 8.30am to 8.00pm


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  1. Todo no es así de bonito en Brunch & Cake. Me consta que el bowl natural que está echo con media piña se usa varios servicios, lo lavan y lo vuelven a usar. Así como el guacamole que no es producción propia, lo compran en Mercadona . Los empleados pocos están felices y si vas a menudo verás que van cambiando mucho, eso es mala señal. Encargados de sala o jefes que aparecen en mitad de un servicio, suciedad en los locales por no parar a limpiar sino termina una mesa entra otra y así sucesivamente. He llegado a ver entrar tartas en cajas de plástico por medio de la gente en Brunch&Cake. Me da pena porque al principio si eran buenos, pero ahora se han convertido en fábrica de productos coloridos ( por el colorante que usan ) y comprados fuera. Sin duda alguna ya no vuelvo más a estos locales.

    • Bueno, yo soy cliente habitual y me parece que el servicio ha mejorado un 200%. Antes, siempre me atendían camareros un poco odiosos, pero las últimas veces ha sido lo opuesto. En cuanto a la comida, no tengo ninguna queja, absolutamente todas las veces que he ido me he ido mega satisfecho e intento siempre probar nuevos platos. Siempre que puedo intento llevar gente para que lo conozcan y las reacciones siempre son buenas. Creo que ha sido cuestión de suerte Vladimir y entiendo que no quieras regresar, estás en todo tu derecho, pero como te digo, mi experiencia ha sido completamente diferente! Que tengas buen día!

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