Eat In: Burger Shack – The American traditional burger with a modern twist!

Eat In: Burger Shack – The American traditional with a modern touch!

Recently I had the chance of seeing the new and first Burger Shack in Barcelona and even though I’m not a big fan of fast food burgers, I have to say that this one surprised me. A business founded by Venezuelan people that has now different spots in Madrid, Caracas, Miami and plans to open a second one soon in Barcelona.

Burger Shack Barcelona
Burger Shack Shock

The place reminds me of the Californian chain In-N-Out Burger, with American Diner touches but a much modern look. The menu is simple, but has some originals like the croquette they put into their insignia burger, the Burger Shack, that can be of jalapeño, Portobello mushroom or bacon with onion. In addition, the staff is super friendly, and no wonder why, if most of the staff is venezuelan, at least here in Barcelona.

They do single burgers or you can order a menu that includes fries and drink. Sodas are refillable the American way! Oh, and the best is their shakes! They have a peanut butter one that is completely out of this world. You can’t even imagine. Literally, the sweetest orgasm!



STARTER: Pop corn chicken – similar to nuggets, but much more spongy and with real chicken taste.

BURGER: Obviously, I HAD to try their Burger Shack with the bacon and onion croquette inside.

DESERT: Peanut butter shake (but I also tried the chocolate and the vanilla ones)


If you want to know more…

Address: Carrer de Londres, 65, 08036 Barcelona

Phone: :+933 10 09 61

Price: 15€ – 20€ per person

Open: Sun – Wed 1PM – 11PM I Thurs – Sat 1PM – 12AM


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