Like A Blue Sky

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Like A Blue Sky

Hey everyone! My name is Juan Galán, Colombian adventurer, songwriter, producer, dreamer, crossfitter, foodie, and life enthusiast, living in the greatest and one of the happiest cities I know: Barcelona!

Life is a gift, and sometimes we wander through it, without really appreciating everything we have around us, or just focusing on the negative stuff. Being realistic, nothing will ever be like a fairy tale, but the way you approach things in life, DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Like A Blue Sky was born as a result of my desire of sharing my lust for life to people around me. It’s about self improvement, motivation, personal productivity and finding happiness in small things in life.

Why Blue? Blue is my favorite color. Blue can symbolize freedom, strength or new beginnings, but blue skies represent optimism and better opportunities, and this is what I want to share in this blog. I want to transmit all these positive thoughts and experiences through the things I love, and I hope it can create a positive impact on others as they do on me!

This is my life motto and I hope you can start applying it into your life too:

If life is the way you paint it, why not paint it like a blue sky?